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PIPO X8 Tablet, PC and Media Box Review

OSVerFull Size USB PortsUSB SpeedScreen Size2 CamsKeyboardPrice Range
Windows and Android8 and KitKat4USB 2.07"No CamsNoUnder $150
The PIPO X8 is an amazing little machine that’ll probably leave you at a loss for words. Why? It’s a tablet, a desktop and a media box for your TV all in one device. Oh, and if that is not enough… it is also dual-boot. So every time you turn it on you get the option of it running either Android KitKat 4.4 or Windows 8.1 (with a free upgrade to Windows 10). Of course it has the standard size USB ports you are looking for, in fact it has 4 of them!

The X8 seeks to emulate the mobile trappings of your favorite handheld tablet while infusing that machine with all of the functionality and oomph of a conventional desktop computer. While the X8 isn’t battery powered, the device it IS a lightweight PC that offers users more functionality than they probably know what to do with it.

If we were to break the X8 down into its simplest label we would opt to call it a media box. The device functions with a touchscreen display and it feels lighter than a feather. You get all of the functionality of Windows 8.1 along with the ease of use of an Android tablet. The PIPO X8 is armed with an array of connectors for usage in your home theater as well as all of the meaty components that make up your desktop computer. Let’s break down this fantastic and diverse machine to see just what it can do for you.

Style & Design

So the PIPO X8 is definitely unlike most tech products that you have seen in the Western markets. While Chinese developers have been putting out ‘media boxes’ for awhile now, nothing they’ve done really compares to what you are looking at.

The X8 has a bulky shape but every part of the design was engineered to maximize your usage. Without the mobility of a wireless tablet, the manufacturers opted to install the screen on a slant so as to make it easy for you to always see.

The box itself is shaped like a wedge with the sloping front and the connectors lined up on the sides. The case is made of hard plastic and it looks exceedingly modern. On the side, you have all of the different connectors, and there are quite a few of them.

Your connector ports include 4 USB slots, an Ethernet port, a microSD slot, your HDMI input, and even an RJ45 LAN port. If you are planning on making the PIPO a core component in your home theater then you shouldn’t be running into too many roadblocks along the way.

For the times that you won’t be porting out via HDMI, the on board speakers are more than capable. They produce more volume than your traditional tablet but not enough that you’d want to sub them out if you had multiple viewers on the screen.

The screen itself is probably the coolest part of the PIPO because it is what makes the device so unique. If you didn’t have the expertly calibrated touch screen then you’d be looking at a machine more in line with the ROKU. Instead, you have a 7-inch screen with a 1024 x 600 display.

The touchscreen is calibrated to 5-points that allow multi-touch inputs. If you don’t want to take advantage of the touchscreen you can opt to install your own USB or wireless keyboard/mouse systems in place instead. It’s up to you.

You’ll notice that the X8 is also armed with an antenna to receive WiFi. The antenna boosts your ability to grab signal and you utilize the already solid wireless mechanisms inside. Streaming video to the device saw us receiving 5 bars of WiFi coverage and we didn’t have any buffering or stuttering issues. You also have Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity if you want to take advantage of that property.

Specs and Software

Alright so far what we’ve detailed is an ultra light, incredibly portable, tablet/mini PC hybrid. With that being said, you really are getting an incomplete portrait without knowing how strong the machine is on the inside. As we break down the specs and detail the various ready to utilize functions you need to keep in mind that this device is lighter than your phone, and that’s pretty crazy.

Alright, so the basic PIPO X8 comes with 32 GB of internal storage with only a bit of that eaten up upon purchase by the O.S. (Windows 8.1 to go along with Android 4.4/Bing). After you plug in the device via its power adapter you will launch straight into a fully functional version of Windows. This isn’t the stripped-down mobile version that you’d find in the Surface 2 tablet. This is all of the usability of an actual desktop computer, only it takes up the space of a book instead of an entire computer desk.

Functionally speaking the PIPO X8 was not any different from a regular desktop computer once you got logged into the O.S. There was no noticeable lag and any external devices we hooked up (keyboard, mouse) had no syncing issues. This is probably due in large part to the high quality Intel Z3736F chipset and the heavy-duty RAM allotment of 2 gigs. You have an Intel Baytrail processor with Intel’s HD graphics and this means that you’ll be able to run most mid-tier games at high quality, or high tier games at lower quality without any issues.

Potential Shortcomings

All inspiring technology comes with a few setbacks and the PIPO X8 really is no different. Fortunately the problems we ran into with the X8 were relatively minor and they can even be avoided by reasonable usage guidelines. The biggest complaint most people will have is that the device needs to always be plugged in. That wasn’t a problem for us because we realized how much power was going on underneath the surface. That power creates the second and bigger issue: the PIPO X8 gets warm when you run it hard for a long time.

We suggest avoiding using it as a lap device and leaving it on a flat surface. Those were the only two issues that we ran into with our time on the machine.

Closing Thoughts

With a price tag sitting at near $100 and the components of a quality computer in a bite sized package, there is no reason to pass up on the X8. The PIPO X8 is just too powerful, convenient, and affordable to need second thoughts.

This is a multimedia master tool that gives you the mobility of a tablet, functionality of a desktop computer, and flexibility of a media hub. You can use the machine in your living room as a dedicated streaming box, buy it for the kids to do homework on, or leave it as a work computer you bring with you on the road.

At the end of the day, the power in the PIPO X8 comes from your ability to do with it what you wish.

Acer Iconia Tab A500-10S16u

OSVerFull Size USB PortsUSB SpeedScreen Size2 CamsKeyboardPrice Range
AndroidHoneycomb2USB 2.010"YesNo$150 – $250

The Acer Iconia Tab A500-10S16u is a great tablet that allows you to enjoy media such as streaming videos in greater detail with its 10.1″ touch screen. The NVIDIA GeForce GPU coupled with an NVIDIA Tegra 2 Dual Core Mobile Processor makes this tablet an absolute media workhorse. Having 2 standard size USB ports is a rare feature on Androids and makes it different than nearly all other tablets. The only other Android tablets we are aware of with muliple standard size USB’s is the Acer 200 and the Dragon Touch R10.

You can view your screen in either landscape or portrait mode and you can see what you are looking at from every viewing angle. The built-in 802.11b/g/n Wireless access gives you the ability to enjoy streaming media anywhere you have access to WiFi. You can even hook it up to you television via the Micro HDMI™ Out port available on this tablet and enjoy up to 1080p HD video.

The tablet includes 2 cameras to allow you greater flexibility in how you capture images. You can use the 5MP Rear Facing Camera with Auto Focus and single LED flash to capture those unexpected moments in life that you don’t have a camera handy for. While using the 2MP Front Facing Camera you can chat with friends via the internet thanks to the built-in dual analog microphone. You can even use the front facing camera to take self-portraits that are perfect for your social network profile pictures.

The Iconia Tab A500 is also capable of taking and storing videos.With 16GB of onboard eMMC memory and the ability to use an additional MicroSD card up to 32GB you can store enough pictures, videos, movies, and music to keep you entertained for hours. The 8-hour battery life is great so that you can take all of this entertainment on the go with you and never miss a beat.

Acer Iconia Tab A500-10S16uGoogle Play store will give you access to countless apps that you can download to increase your enjoyment. The tablet comes preloaded with the Android Honeycomb operating system and tons of great applications. From Instagram and Facebook to Netflix the amazing apps that are available for this tablet will never cease to amaze you. It also includes Acer Sync that allows easy Synching between your tablet and your PC.

From an aesthetic point of view, you will not be disappointed. This is an absolutely beautiful tablet that will have your friends wishing that they hadn’t spent so much more to get a plain looking tablet. It comes with an impressive aluminum casing that not only looks great, it feels great too. The smooth edged, rounded corners ensure that you will always be comfortable when holding your tablet in your hands.

Overall, the Iconia Tab A500 is a great value that is packed with tons of user-friendly features. It is easy to use, beautiful to look at and the designers really did try to anticipate everything you could hope to do with your tablet. The large screen and expandable memory make it a great choice for people who enjoy media of any sort on their tablet.

Acer Iconia Tab A200

OSVerFull Size USB PortsUSB SpeedScreen Size2 CamsKeyboardPrice Range
AndroidHoneycomb2USB 2.010"No - Front OnlyNoPrice $150 – $250

The Acer Iconia tablet has a 10.1 inch screen, an eight hour battery life, and two standard USB ports for hours of entertainment. It has a sleek titanium gray design and, unlike many other tablets, the Acer Iconia does not sacrifice quality for price. Its Android operating system runs smoothly for gaming, videos, and app usage; a perfect fit for any user.

Access to the Android market gives the user a wide variety of app choices from games to business tools. The tablet also features a front-facing camera with clear resolution great for video chatting family and friends. While the Acer Iconia isn’t the thinnest tablet on the market, it has a textured back panel that aids in gripping and helps avoid breakable drops of the device. This tablet also comes with wifi capability that maintains a strong wireless connection, making surfing the web painless.

If you are a student, the 16GB memory on the tablet is a must. If you find yourself needing more memory, the tablet has an expanding memory option via the micro sd slot. Apps such as Google Drive give instant access to school projects and papers. You can even make word docs and presentations in minutes without having to worry about that last second assignment. If you are a business person, the Iconia allows you to effortlessly take and find notes. At 1.5 pounds, the Iconia is the perfect tablet for business trips or even dashes to the office. Portability is part of what makes tablets so attractive, and the Iconia is no exception.

The Acer Iconia is also kid-friendly. Its easy interface and access to fun apps for children make this the perfect gift for the entire family. However, if you prefer music over games and apps, the Iconia has a crystal clear speaker for optimal music enjoyment. The Iconia is also extremely customizable. Many tablet devices come pre-set and do not allow for many changes, but the Iconia encourages personalization and creativity.

It isn’t hard to see why current users prefer this tablet over others. The Iconia tablet also has a variety of compatible accessories for further personalization. Whether you are looking for a lightweight device for business and school related tasks or just a fun and easy way to browse the web and play games, the Acer Iconia offers a cheap and reliable solution to both, worth every penny.


Dragon Touch R10

OSVerFull Size USB PortsUSB SpeedScreen Size2 CamsKeyboardPrice Range
AndroidJelly Bean2USB 2.010"YesNoUnder $150

The Dragon Touch R10 is an entry-level tablet that is priced for the consumer first dipping their toes into the world of mobile computing. What the R10 does, it does well. The Dragon Touch is a new line of Android tablet and it is priced to make a difference in the mobile computing marketplace. Let’s take a look at what all the Dragon Touch R10 does well, what it doesn’t do so well, and if it is the right tablet for you. We declare this to be the best 10 inch tablet for your money. It beat out the other low price Android contenders offering more value. Comparable standard size USB tablets in the class would include the Acer Iconia Tab A500, the Acer Iconia Tab A200 and the Toshiba Thrive AT105.

At the outset, the Dragon Touch R10 presents itself as a sleek and attractive device. The tablet is a modern patterned silver and black design, with nice rounded corners, and an easy to grip set of sides. The tablet presents itself like any first generation Google product: it gives off that new “Star Trek” vibe while looking technologically capable and exciting. Looking at the rest of the face of the model we can see a front-facing camera and a rear facing camera–both offering around 2 megapixels in quality. This kind of quality allows for the capturing of great photos and clear video while you are on the road.

Looking past the cameras we can see that the Dragon Touch R10 offers a slew of connection options along the side of the device. This is where the Dragon Touch begins to separate itself from the other entry-level tablets on the marketplace. Looking at the Apple iPad as the standard in entry-level tablets lets make a fair judgment on what exactly the R10 offers. Where the iPad offers only one port of connection, through the iPad docking cable, the Dragon touch has 2 full-size USB ports, 1 microUSB, and an HDMI output, that allows you to port out the video up to 1080P. This HDMI output means that your tablet could become the centerpiece of your home entertainment console as well as just a traveling companion. Let’s look a little bit closer at the media features that are offered here.

dragon-touch2The Dragon Touch is a tablet that supports flash and along with that opens itself up to a whole bunch of programs to make your mobile life more enjoyable. The fact that the Dragon Touch R10 can run programs such as Netflix, coupled with the HDMI output, means that your tablet is very much a mobile movie library. This is a great feature for the people always on the go. This device could be taken to any hotel room, while traveling, or used on any airplane and you will have all the world’s movies right at your fingertips. Movies are not the only thing that the R10 offers.

The R10 comes installed with Google Android 4.1 OS (or Jelly Bean) and houses 8gb of internal memory. There are microSD slots that allow you to expand storage up to 32gb. Those that love to load their tablets with movies and music would be wise to check out the SD expansion so as to maximize what it is they are able to do with their machine. Past straight up storage I noticed that the R10 has a gig of ram and runs off of a 1.6 GHz dual core processor. For something that fits almost in the palm of your hand this machine packs a serious kick in the pants.

Dragon-TouchTechnical specs are only so impressive to read when compared to the actual performance of the machine. What the Dragon Touch R10 has going for it is mobility, beauty, and power all rolled into one. The R10 has a 10.1-inch multi-touch screen that has colors that pop off of the screen. The tablet is just very vibrant and being that its target audience is the casual user, this goes a long way towards selling the machine.

As far as fitting in the palm of your hand, the machine is also seriously light weight. Fully loaded the Dragon Touch R10 clocks in at under twenty ounces. The Dragon Touch R10 fits comfortably inside of a backpack or side bag and is sturdy enough to be thrown around a little bit, not that I would suggest doing so, which makes this a great starter mobile tablet.

In the grand scheme of things the Dragon Touch R10 is a nice little machine that offers great flexibility with optimized features. While it won’t be as powerful as some of the other mobile tablets on the market, it makes up for that punch with sheer usability. The R10 will find its place in the homes of those that are wanting a less expensive tablet to compliment their other technology and for those first dipping their toes into the style of technology. The R10 is the perfect device to balance power, playability, and a low price.